Month: October, 2011

the style file: Ashley

In this week’s The Style file profile, meet Ashley – a 27-year-old Midwest transplant who’s California-inspired style has lead her to recently move to California! Learn how this medical professional balances weekday scrubs with showing off her laid-back, colorful personal style on the weekends. Don’t forget to check out our past Style File features for real-life fashion inspiration!

name: Ashley Keeler

age: 27

hometown: Eagan, Minnesota but currently live in Southern California

occupation: Radiation Therapist – I give chemotherapy and treatment to cancer patients!

describe your personal style in three words: Since I spend 5 days a week in scrubs, my weekend outfit style is always changing, colorful and FUN!

what is your closet must-have for any woman on the go?: Casual dresses (sundresses are my fave) – I love to just throw on a dress and run out anywhere.  They are comfortable and simple…just add a few accessories and you look put together!

finish this sentence: I never leave home without ____________: …a cardigan or something to keep me warm. Anyone who knows me knows I’m always cold!

favorite way to accessorize an outfit: I love wearing long necklaces but if they dont work with the outfit, then big earrings.

fall trend you’re lusting over: This one is tricky because I just moved to California where fall doesn’t really exist.  Normally I would say I love to break out the fall boots – uggs, heels, rider boots, you name it!

in honor of today’s holiday, what was your best ever Halloween costume?: Hmmm, I have had some good ones over the years!  I would have to say Pippi Longstocking in elementary school – I had long hair with wires in it, how fun 🙂

what are the three items from June Ruby you’d most like to own?: I like the Velvet Gauzy Whisper Shirt, Cynthia Steffe Georgia Dress and Plenty Pintuck Blouse…plus, I own the L’amie D’Amie Vintage Circles Earrings, which are hands down my favorite earrings!


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