Month: March, 2012

the style file: Angharad

In this week’s The Style File, we’re chatting with Angharad. Born in England but currently residing in Minneapolis, she brings touches of European style to her self-proclaimed ‘stripey’ wardrobe. We love a gal who loves her stripes, adores food AND appreciates pops of color in her wardrobe. For past Style File features, visit our archives.

name: Angharad

age: 27

occupation: program manager for a non-profit arts organization

hometown: Reading, England but currently living with my husband in Minneapolis, MN

blog: Eating for England

how would you describe your personal style?: When I asked my husband to answer this question about me his response was, “stripey” which is probably pretty fair (and also slightly worrying). I’d say my style is casual, sometimes quirky, with a heavy dependence on neutrals and stripes! I love wearing neutrals and then adding just a pop of color, like bright orangey-red lipstick or a mustard-yellow scarf.

you’re originally from England but now live in the U.S. – what is the biggest difference you notice between European and American style?: The UK is really lucky to have wonderful high street shopping. It’s easy to dress stylishly and uniquely without spending a fortune. I think British style tends to be a bit more eclectic and daring, whereas American style tends to be more classic, polished, and put-together. I’ve noticed people like to match here whereas clashing prints and offbeat choices are celebrated a bit more in the UK and you never want to look too put-together or like you tried too hard. Obviously those are huge generalizations but there you have it!

how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?: I can be showered, dressed and ready to go in 20 minutes but I much prefer to take a leisurely hour to get ready. Sadly I’m the antithesis of a morning person so I’m usually scrambling just to put clothes on, get a cup of tea and some food in me, and get out the door.

finish this sentence: I never leave home without ____________: …a mini pot of Vaseline lip therapy!

it’s casual Friday in the office, what are you wearing?: My office has a very laid back dress policy (a bonus of working in the non-profit arts!). You’d probably find me in a pair of skinny jeans, my converse trainers or Frye engineer boots, a stripey t shirt and a big, cosy scarf. If it’s summertime then some simple flat leather sandals, a floral print skirt, and a sleeveless stripey top.

spring trend you are most looking forward to: I’m loving the prominence of tangerine/orange. I just bought a pair of neon orange ballet flats which I’m super excited for – they’re the perfect pop of color for a neutral lover like myself! I’m also liking some of the pastel palettes – I’ve got my eye on some gorgeous dusky pink skinny jeans.

what are the three items from June Ruby you’d most like to own: The 81Poppies Emilee dress has such a cute pattern and I love the detail in the shape of the back and the sleeves. The Plenty by Tracy Reese 50’s skirt feeds my love of black and white graphic prints. I like that it has such a feminine shape but an edgy print. And finally the Mariana Sam shoes are adorable. I love them!


the style file: Inna

In this week’s edition of the Style File, meet Inna – a 20-something law student turned fashion blogger and soon-to-be mom! We’re absolutely positive Inna’s colorful, spunky style are going to make her one fashionable mom. Learn more about Inna as well as our other Style File profiles here in the archives.

name: Inna

age: 26

hometown: San Francisco (aka the best city in the world – sorry everyone!)

occupation: Umm…undetermined! I’m a former law student turned part-time nanny while my husband and I await the arrival of our first little one (due in Aug!). I may or may not go back to law school, may be a SAHM, might go to culinary school, or midwifery school, or….one of a million other ideas I have running through my head.


describe your personal style in three words: Bright, feminine, quirky.

what is a quintessential “Inna” outfit?: First of all, definitely something with color. That is pre-requisite numero uno. My husband often says I look like a box of crayola crayons. He does not mean it as a compliment, though I take it as one. I’m usually wearing a dress or skirt with a feminine blouse of some sort. I’m not huge on pants unless they’re colored jeans.

how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?: 5 minutes! Bad fashion blogger, I know. But I don’t wear any make-up (except for some lipstick I throw on for photo shoots) and I don’t do anything to my hair so it literally is brush my teeth, throw on clothes, and go.

you’re a fashion blogger – do you feel pressure to look good all the time as a result? what are some tips you have for staying stylish without having to spend hours getting ready?: I can’t say I feel too much pressure, no. I started this blog because I love fashion and dressing up, so I’m really continuing to dress the way I have been every day for years now. The only difference is now I’m taking photos of my looks. I don’t spend hours getting ready and I don’t think you need to in order to look good. I have an organized closet (color coded and arranged by short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, skirts, and dresses– thanks OCD!) so that definitely make picking out my outfits a lot easier.

what are three items you always have in your purse?: Chapstick, sunglasses & hair ties.

heels or flats?: Definitely, definitely, definitely heels. I’m 5”1. Gimme a break.

what are the three items from June Ruby you’d most like to own?: Oooh this is a tough one – so much cute stuff to choose from! I can really only pick three? Ok, fine. First, the 81Poppies Emilee dress. Second, the Plenty by Tracy Reese 50’s skirt. And finally, the Tracy Reese cropped jacket – I can see getting tons of use out of it!