the style file: Emily

by junerubyblog

In this week’s Style File, Minnesotan-turned-Los Angelan Emily shares with us all the secrets behind her laidback style. She’s sharing with us all the basics – style, outfits and make-up routines. Looks to us as though this new California girl has the West Coast vibe down pat. For more Style File features, visit the archives.

name: Emily Dingmann

age: 29

hometown: Baraboo, WI

occupation: Natural Food Industry – Sales & Marketing

blog: A Nutritionist Eats

describe your personal style in three words: simple, classic, lots of black!

recently, you moved from Minnesota to California. what is the biggest difference between Midwest and West Coast fashion? Los Angeles is really a city where anything goes. You could be wearing jeans and flip flops without any makeup or an evening gown with full makeup and no one would ever bat an eye. I love it!

what is a quintessential ‘Emily’ outfit?”: Skinny jeans, flats or heels, loose, long top.

what is your daily make-up routine like? Lotion with SPF, touch of powder, bronzer, blush, eye concealer, mascara, lip gloss. If I’m going out, I’ll add a smoky eye.

finish this sentence: I never leave home without _____________: …my purse!

summer trend you are most looking forward to: Bright colors and big prints. I really want a pair of mint green jeans!

what are the three items from June Ruby you’d most like to own?: