Proper Clothing Care with Soak

Here at June Ruby, we take immense pride in helping everyday women find chic, stylish ensembles for both work and play. Clothing is an investment, and in order to keep your wardrobe in impeccable condition, taking proper care of clothing – including washing, drying & cleaning – is of utmost importance.

That’s why we send you free samples of Soak Products with every June Ruby purchase. Soak is a pure, rinse-free and yummy-smelling line of detergents that are gentle enough to wash everything from lingerie to knitwear to delicates. This liquid laundry detergent is also one you can feel good about – it’s biodegradable, phosphate-free AND eco-friendly! We’ve found this product works wonders for revitalizing fibers and keeping your June Ruby clothing favorites looking new on the first, second and even fortieth wash.

Whether it’s your one-of-a-kind Plenty Zip Cardigan, comfy Beth Bowley Wool Coat Sweater or pair of Sanctuary Peace Pants, here are some helpful tips for taking good care of your designer duds:

  • Excessively washing garments wears fabric fibers out sooner. Wardrobe staples like sweaters, jeans, jackets and dresses can often be worn multiple times before they are in need of washing.
  • Repair small issues right away. Whether that’s sewing up a small tear or treating a stain, immediate action saves precious time in the long term.
  • READ LABELS! Reading care instructions on clothing labels will save them from unneeded damage as a result of washing mistakes or error.
  • For hand washing clothes, pour one teaspoon of Soak detergent into cool water. Soak item for 15 minutes, then gently squeeze out water. Do NOT rinse! This technique works great for knit items like sweaters, jackets or tights, which can be laid on a flat surface to dry afterwards.
  • Dry cleaning is generally recommended for fabrics including acetate, linen, rayon, silk and suede.

The best part? We sell Soak detergent at June Ruby! Click here to buy bottles of Soak in a variety of scents.

Do you still have questions about clothing care? Leave us your question in the comments section or email us at, and we’ll be happy to answer any lingering queries you may have.