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the style file: Emily

In this week’s Style File, Minnesotan-turned-Los Angelan Emily shares with us all the secrets behind her laidback style. She’s sharing with us all the basics – style, outfits and make-up routines. Looks to us as though this new California girl has the West Coast vibe down pat. For more Style File features, visit the archives.

name: Emily Dingmann

age: 29

hometown: Baraboo, WI

occupation: Natural Food Industry – Sales & Marketing

blog: A Nutritionist Eats

describe your personal style in three words: simple, classic, lots of black!

recently, you moved from Minnesota to California. what is the biggest difference between Midwest and West Coast fashion? Los Angeles is really a city where anything goes. You could be wearing jeans and flip flops without any makeup or an evening gown with full makeup and no one would ever bat an eye. I love it!

what is a quintessential ‘Emily’ outfit?”: Skinny jeans, flats or heels, loose, long top.

what is your daily make-up routine like? Lotion with SPF, touch of powder, bronzer, blush, eye concealer, mascara, lip gloss. If I’m going out, I’ll add a smoky eye.

finish this sentence: I never leave home without _____________: …my purse!

summer trend you are most looking forward to: Bright colors and big prints. I really want a pair of mint green jeans!

what are the three items from June Ruby you’d most like to own?:


the style file: Kristin

In this week’s The Style File, Kristin from the popular food blog Iowa Girl Eats is trading in food for fashion talk. She’s stylish; she cooks; AND she knows how to dress! Kristin‘s dishing on her wardrobe favorites (cardigans + flats!) as well as her favorite pieces of clothing from June Ruby. For more Style File features, visit our archives.

name: Kristin

age: 28

hometown: West Des Moines, IA

occupation: I’m a Marketing Manager for a non-profit outdoor history museum where I maintain, update and design our company’s website, and design collateral pieces for distribution to the public – think brochures, handouts, posters, etc.!

blog: Iowa Girl Eats

describe your personal style in three words: comfortable, casual, classic

what is a quintessential “Kristin” outfit?: The quintessential Kristin outfit from top to bottom is generally gold or silver ball stud earrings with a flowy blouse, long chunky necklace, and a light cardigan, polished off with a pair of dark, tailored jeans (I’m 5’2 so most of my jeans have to be shortened!) and a pair of flats. Although I only get to wear them for a short time every year, I am obsessed with sun dresses paired with a thick belt and wedges in the summertime, like the outfit I’m wearing in this picture with my husband Ben!

how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?: 40 minutes from the time I wake up, to the time I’m out the door.

you live in snowy, wintry Iowa – please tell us how you survive those cold winters and still manage to look cute?: It is a challenge, let me tell you. The key to looking cute here in the winter is having lots of classic pullover and button down sweaters to layer on, some fitted blazers to wear out, and lots of mid-calf height boots to keep your feet warm and dry. Long, classic pea coats are a must too!

what are three items you always have in your purse?: Cherry chapstick, a compact mirror, and bandaids (random).

heels or flats?: FLATS! I love Steve Madden’s classic flats and have them in nearly every color. They can be worn with jeans or sundresses and are my saving grace. I do have a soft spot for summer wedges though. They give you the height and dress up feel of heels, but don’t hurt near as bad!

what are the three items from June Ruby you’d most like to own?:

  • Duffy Terry Zip: Cashmere. Zip up. Sweater. Need I say more?
  • Trunation Peasant Blouse: A classic blouse that can be worn year after year. Dress up with a long and chunky necklace for a super cute work or day time outfit.
  • Beth Bowley Ikat Shirt Dress: One of those summer dress obsessions I was telling you about. I love the bright colors and casual feel of this dress.